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As the sole proprietor of an upscale lingerie boutique, I have discovered that this evolving vision is just that:  evolving.  Merchandise, decor, promotions, products – it all is constantly evolving with the demands of my customers, the lingerie market, as well as with the changes in my mood.

The Pink Petticoat was recently named a finalist in the Best of Intima Best of Shop Awards, the most prestigious honor in the lingerie industry.  As this awards ceremony in New York City, I was able to interact with shop owners from across North America.  Some of these industry professionals had up to 10 locations through out the United States and Canada.  Others had been in business for close to 50 years.  To be in the company of these success stories was not only humbling, but inspiring.  I have never felt to driven to push myself and my business to be the best it can be.

As social media becomes more of a marketing necessity than a marketing option, I have decided to pursue a MMCSM at the University of Florida.  My intention is to use what I learn in my course studies and directly apply it to the various avenues of social media interaction and marketing with in my business.  The increased interaction with my customers via social media will hopefully, in turn increase sales – leading to my long term goal of opening multiple locations.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Florida (3rd generation Gator), where I earned my BA in Religious Studies in 2005 (perfectly fitting, since lingerie is like a religion in itself to many).  After working several jobs in marketing post college, I decided it was time to open my own business.  Having always wanted to own my own clothing store, and with a natural inclination towards all things delicate, I started making the moves to open a lingerie boutique.  One year to the day of making the decision to go into business with myself, The Pink Petticoat opened in 2008 in beautiful Hyde Park Village in Tampa, FL.  Hopefully, this Tampa location is the first of many.

In my limited spare time, I love traveling, and anything of the water: boating, fishing, scuba diving, and lounging.  I am a true Floridian!  I also love spending time with family, friends, and of course, our 2 dogs.



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