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 Chirp, chirp.  Or tweet, tweet, rather.  If you aren’t tweeting, you aren’t maximizing your full branding and marketing potential. It’s all about engaging on Twitter with well curated content, communicating with your followers, and avoiding common Twitter mistakes.


Tweets are maxed out at 140 characters for a reason.  Content should be both clear and concise, and relative and resonant.  It’s important for me, as a business owner, to find the right voice.  Since at this time, I will be the primary “tweeter”, I need to establish myself as a person with personality, a real, knowledgeable and trustworthy person with whom my followers can engage.  For customers who regularly shop in the store, this lends to a greater relationship built both in person and online.  It creates credibility and authenticity.  For now, I gravitate towards Twitter over a blog.  There is a lot of pressure on a blog to be a certain person or personality, particularly when representing a clothing store (which hopes to be a lifestyle brand).  With Twitter, it is easier to show snippets of my personality in short 140 character posts.

A common subject we touch on is class is the importance of listening on social media.  Twitter is the perfect venue to really listen to what your customers and followers are saying.  Engaging with people early on is the best way to develop those relationships early.  This is a mistake that I made early, spending too much time “lurking” on Twitter and not enough time chatting with the right people (influential people in the lingerie community, brands, magazines, wholesalers).  I also think I could use more hashtags.  However, is it best to use generic hashtags like #lingerie, #lace, etc?  Or something more specific?  #TampaShopping? #datenight?  What hashtags are people searching for and what is the best way for me to tap into that – aside from just throwing the same hashtags on all of my posts?

Another important tip to note (that I frequently overlook) is adding photo and video to your tweets.  76% of the content shared by the most engaged brands on Twitter is photo and video.  I often think of Twitter as just a short shot of information with an even shorter life span.  However, now I realize that even a short post can benefit from additional imagery and such is more likely to receive a response or “click through”.  Posting short pieces of information or teasers are the perfect compliment to a photo.  However, does this all tie into the “Twitter Trap“?  Are 140 character messages replacing real conversation and interaction?  Would you rather receive customer service via tweet or via a phone call with a real human voice?

I think there is room for both, if one does not edge out the other.  Do you think social media is eliminating not only in person social skills, but intimacy as well?


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  1. Lesley- I think this is a great blog post. I totally agree with your comment that people are looking for credibility and authenticity when following a brand or business on social and in this case, Twitter. I am looking for you to inform me of something that I don’t already know. That intern makes me believe that you are in fact the an expert or professional, which you are!

    In terms of different hashtags, I think it would be beneficial to tap into both generic and specific hashtags. I think that a hashtag should compliment the post. If you are discussing the use of lingerie for a ‘special someone’ then using the hashtag #datenight or #romance in a more generic form might reach more followers. Have you ever thought about creating your own hashtag that you would use with most posts that can create a brand identity? That way, when someone clicks on the hashtag, only your products and posts show up! Just a thought!

    1. Thanks, Casey! I love the idea of creating a unique hashtag for The Pink Petticoat. Do you feel that a hastag of that nature should be put on the end of every tweet? Like a signature?
      I agree that generic hashtags hit a broader audience, but I love the idea of focusing in more, on core customers, while creating a cleaner brand identity.

      1. Yes- I would post the signature hashtag at the end of every tweet. I would keep each tweet to a max of two to three hashtags. When using more than three, it can be a bit much in my opinion. I would also use this hashtag on all your social platforms that allow hashtags. That will create consistency and brand recognition. When people see the same tweet on each of your posts, they will begin to associate it with only your business.

      2. I agree! Come up with a hashtag or phrase! What a great idea! When I think of Gossip Girl I always think of XOXO…you could come up with something cute like that too!

  2. Hi Lesley!

    Twitter can be a new media conversation. 21st century American society wants instant gratification, and Twitter offers that. You can create visually stimulating ads that entice your audience, and Tweet them to your followers.

    The Pink Petticoat could hold a contest to see who could make the most creative Vine video that showcases their favorite piece in your collection. The Vine video could be featured in a national ad, and the winner would receive a cash prize, an online feature on your YouTube, and merchandise.

    You can even coordinate a contest asking your clientele what they think of your newest lingerie item. It’s an instant survey, and an inexpensive opportunity for you to invest in your most wanted items, and discontinue the products your clientele don’t care for. Essentially, you can ignite your profits, and reduce waste. How’s that for lean strategy?

    Twitter also offers an opportunity for The Pink Petticoat to be responsive by engaging with happy customers, and acknowledging frustrated customers as quickly as possible. You could even create a separate Twitter account (PinkPetticoatCares) so customers can reach you via Twitter and receive near instantaneous responses. FAQ’s could be tweeted via YouTube.

    1. Thank you, Jason, for the great suggestions!
      I love the idea of a video submission contest. With Halloween coming, maybe “who can incorporate an item from The Pink Petticoat into their costume” contest?
      I definitely plan on using Twitter to ask more questions.

  3. I think Twitter can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to customer service. Personally, I had a problem with the Square credit card reader that you use on your phone. I looked everywhere for a customer service number on the package and all I found was a website and Twitter account. No one ever answered my question…I wanted to talk to a person and no one was there! There’s a reason why there are customer service representatives. As long as you are fully staffed on both ends (online and in person) you are good.

    As far as Twitter and social skills it’s crazy how people become addicted to social media. I had a girlfriend come over this weekend. We were watching TV and every time I looked over at her she was on some form of social media. I would ask her a question and get no response! I only get to see this friend about every 6 weeks…it was a little frustrating. We need to learn when to turn off the phones and social media accounts and focus on the people around us.

    1. 100% agreed! Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to talk to a live human being when I have an issue. While Twitter is a great tool to connect with customers quickly (and in 140 characters or less), that isn’t enough time (or space) to deal with a REAL issue.
      I, too, worry about how plugged in we have all become. I have close friends who are especially bad at this – can’t even make it through a meal without checking their phone/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. When did this become status quo, when it used to be considered rude?

  4. I love that you are speaking from a business perspective. It brings a great real world example to the table. I definitely think that it is great to use generic hashtags so others can see what is being posted about #lace or #lingerie. Yet, it is always fun to put specific hashtags in your tweets to add some flair and personality. I have thought about creating a hashtag for myself many times. The closest I have to a personal hashtag is #blessed. I think it is great to get some personal branding in wherever you can. I think it was great that you touched on the topic of customer service and social media interfering with emotional intimacy and our social life. While I do think this is being affected, it is not necessarily a bad thing. I communicate with people who I would never communicate with on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Social media has given us a chance to catch up on peoples lives that we didn’t feel comfortable to call them out of the blue. Great post and questions!!

    1. Victoria, thanks for the feedback! I am hoping to come up with something uniquely “The Pink Petticoat” moving forward. I also agree that social media opens us up to communicating with people on different levels, which can help intimacy as well. However, I often see couples, groups of friends, families at dinner and everyone is on their cell phone! My pet peeve! I guess there is a fine line!

  5. One of the coolest things that happened to me on twitter was when Chipotle responded to a tweet I directed at them. I wasn’t complaining about anything. I was commenting on branding that I had seen. What was so cool was to have a conversation with a real person on the other end of a tweet. She signed her tweets, so I knew who she was. President Obama does the same thing. When he tweets from the Whitehouse he signs his tweets so you know it’s directly from him. I think this adds a personal touch that can sometimes be missing in online interactions.

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