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Does Facebook even know competition?  The evolution of the site has taken them from glorified yearbook to the main player in social networking.  Google is a powerhouse in its own respect, but can Google+ compete with Facebook?  Which is the better social media outlet for companies like mine to utilize?  Is it best to use a combination of both?


The benefit of the Social Graph (above) on Facebook is interesting to me. The Social Graph  “draws an edge between you and the people, places, and things you interact with online.” Its interesting to know that the relationship between The Pink Petticoat and the Facebook fan, the quality (or weight) of the engagement between us, and how long ago it was that we interacted, all factors into an algorithm (image below) that can boost The Pink Petticoat’s visibility on Facebook.


If only 20% of stories that are in your viewable network actually make it to your news feed, how can encourage engagement to increase the visibility of our content?  I frequently post visual content (photos, videos, links) to draw the eye of my Facebook fans.  However, I rarely ask for feedback on anything that I post.  In previous blogs and discussions, I asked how I could better engage my social media followers.  I received great feedback about question-based promotions, asking for votes on images I snap at market, and other ideas on how to create interaction based on questions.  My goal now is to drive that into my daily Facebook posts – asking for thoughts on new arrivals, color preferences, etc, as well as date night ideas, recipes, and locations.  In other words, “craft(ing) the perfect post that demands engagement.”

If Facebook specializes in everything regarding our relationships, then Google+ is the expert in knowing about our interest.

Similarly to Facebook, Google+ is maximized when posts are paired with images, uses a value based “liking (+1)” system, and allows you to connect and share with other users.  Google+, however, has the advantage of search engine optimization.  Posts in Google+ will show up in Google search, with a higher “visual profile” in search results.  With Google as THE search engine powerhouse, this is valuable.  There is also a benefit to every +1 that your posts get:  the links are viewed as more trustworthy and rewarded with a higher SEO.


To be able to make my business more visible on Google simply by utilizing a free social media platform, provided by the email account I already use is, well, awesome!  I already and working on maximizing my presence on Google+, and therefore Google, by posting and sharing helpful articles, how-to pieces, and links back to The Pink Petticoat website and Facebook pages.  What other ways can I use Google+ to promote The Pink Petticoat?  Is it more beneficial to use soley use The Pink Petticoat Google+ page, or to combine it with articles from my personal Google+ page?


2 thoughts on “facebook v. google+

  1. I think you do a great job posting relevant information on all of your social media sites. I think if you continue to implement Google+ Authorship into your current plan it will really help you take your business to the next level when it comes to SEO.

    As for what pages to use I say use them both! You are a product of the product. You are your biggest brand ambassador. If I were you I’d take advantage of having multiple outlets and use it to increase your SEO.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks, Alexis! Sometimes keeping up will ALL the social media sites seems overwhelming – particularly when trying to fit it in around my full time schedule at the store. It is clear why this degree program is offered – it’s definitely a full time career! However, learning the most effective ways to maximize presence on each site has been incredibly helpful.

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