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Visually driven photo and video sharing platforms are quickly coming up in the social media network.  Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vine are some of the fastest growing platforms.

I am active on Instagram and Pinterest through The Pink Petticoat, and for good reason.  Connecting with customers through images of the items that I hope to sell them is the fastest way to get them into the store to make a purchase.  Through the use of hashtagging, I create searchable images on Instagram that connect me with other users.


As an avid pinner, it is no surprise to me that Pinterest has over 48 million unique users, with the bulk being women between the ages of 25-54 (coincidentally, my target customer – win!).  Posting images that link through to your website, Facebook page, or for me, The Nearby (a new app for boutique sales), can provide an opportunity to post and sell content, without the length text or post of other social sites or blogs.


I recently revamped my Pinterest page to include more than just images of lingerie and other in store items.  Now I aim to create a stronger brand presence for my boutique with date night ideas, recipes, romantic locations – a bigger brand that lingerie fits into.


Since 43% of Pinterest users are using Pinterest to directly interact with brands (compared to 24% of Facebook users), it is an essential tool for The Pink Petticoat.

Though I have yet to venture into the world of video sharing, I see the benefits of establishing a presence on these sites now.  YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world!  Search engine!  Consumers are using YouTube videos to research and “see” products, providing an opportunity to connect with customers who can’t make it in store.  There is also a great opportunity with YouTube advertising.  With over 4 billion hours of viewership each month, that is a lot of ads to be seen.

After doing some research, (not surprisingly) many of the brand I carry have a strong presence on YouTube.  Many share runway videos of the lines, behind the scenes videos of photo shoots, and interviews with designers.  While I am not sure I want to venture into producing videos of lingerie (this seems like a fine line between fun and icky), I do like the idea of sharing content on a YouTube channel.  Sharing some runway previews of items are expecting for the season is a fun idea to capitalize on the YouTube audience, without busting out the video camera and tripod.

Vine is another great tool for posting short informational bits on Twitter.   However, with the ability to post similar type videos on Instagram, and then share on Twitter, I am more inclined to use Instagram.  With so many social media options, it is best for me to streamline through the most interactive for my business.  However, that doesn’t discount the power of Vine.  With 5 Vines tweeted every second, it certainly is holding it’s own.


What are some ideas for Pinterest boards that can help promote The Pink Petticoat brand outside of lingerie?

 What types of videos would you be interested in seeing on The Pink Petticoat YouTube? 

How important is it to monitor the comments on videos when they focus on lingerie?  I am asking to be followed by the wrong type?

How can I reinforce my brand through video as sexy without being salacious?


4 thoughts on “picture me this

  1. The worlds most celebrated fashion show is coming up on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, and you can capitalize on the projected buzz this show will generate.

    Harness the power of Pinterest video by posting video segments and pics of the show, and hashtagging the content with well-researched key phrases such as VS, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Adriana Lima,
 Alessandra Ambrosio, 
Lily Aldridge,
 Candice Swanepoel,
 Lindsay Ellingson, 
Karlie Kloss,
 Doutzen Kroes,
 Behati Prinsloo, Miranda Kerr, sexy lingerie, cami, bustiers, slips, etc. People will be looking for these phrases the week of the show, and a few days after.

    You can show women how The Pink Petticoat can provide the same celebrity looks seen on the show, thus creating strong brand awareness, and rising the momentum of the buzz this show generates year long. You can use the dame strategy when VS does their semi annual sale, or when any major lingerie industry event occurs.

    Lastly, you can host a Vine contest that encourages user-generated content. This boudoir themed contest would invite your customers to showcase their favorite brand of lingerie sold through The Pink Petticoat for a chance to win valuable merchandise or cash prizes, as well as a trip for two to The Pink Petticoat Headquarters in Tampa. You can pick them up in a limo with a glass of champagne waiting on them when they arrive, and give them the royal treatment. They will feel like a celebrity, and share their experiences with their friends. Now that’s how you create raving fans.

    1. Thanks, Jason. I try to set myself apart from Victoria’s Secret in a BIG way – and am trying to a create a brand for the “Victoria’s Secret snobs” (or people who don’t like VS). Because I carry French, Italian, and American made lines, I am less likely to try and tie into the VS fashion show, or their product. I do, however, like the ideal of CAPITALIZING on it. By following your suggestion of keywording and hastagging to draw viewership off the people searching for information on VS, I can make the most of my competition. I also like your idea of a Vine contest. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Hi Lesley!

    I love that you are using Pinterest to showcase more than just trhe prodcuts you carry in your store. By posting date night ideas and romantic tips and tricks, it really helps to set your apart and showcase you more as an industry expert rather than just another shop owner.

    I think you could expand those tips and tricks onto YouTube as well. Videos about how to actually prepare a romantic dinner and tutorials on creating a romantic setting for said dinner. Even posting videos on workout tips would make sense – you want to look and feel great in your product and promoting a healthy lifestyle plays right into that!


    1. Thanks, Lacee! I like the idea of including tutorials. And work out/fitness tips were not something I considered – but they are great points! Thank you for the feedback!

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