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The most difficult task for me, as a business owner, is relating my social efforts back to the bottom line.  Is it effective, and I seeing a return in the form of increased sales or new customers?  Tracking analytics helps show the correlation between what you are posting, and the effectiveness of the posts.   To reach my maximum potential on social media from a marketing standpoint, I must remember that social media is an ongoing conversation between my followers (customers) and myself (The Pink Petticoat).  To effectively participate in this conversation, the key is to monitor trends.  What do my customers want to talk about (see, read, and ultimately purchase)?


Now armed with a better understanding of the best social media platforms for The Pink Petticoat, I can focus in on analyzing these platforms and tracking engagement for future postings.

Hausman recommends that “learning the lingo” will help me better track customer engagement and trends:

Who is buying The Pink Petticoat’s product?

What are the trends in the product I sell?

In discussing lingerie trends, who is the most influential and vocal?

What are the best marketing channels for The Pink Petticoat?

What are triggers with in my posting that make customers act?  Like?  Retweet?

These are the questions I need to cover when going over analytics and referencing to popular post and posts that received an increase in engagement.

Using a social media analytical tool allows me to track and monitor such trends.  With so many analytical tools available, what is the best for The Pink Petticoat?

I narrowed down the lot to a few that I think best fit my business size, budget, and needs.


Pros:  Hootsuite creates a platform where I can track up to 5 social media profiles (for free – more if I want to go “pro”).  I can simultaneously post to each site, schedule posts for later times, and track some basic analytics.

Cons: This is not the best choice if I am interested in “robust” analytics (which I am not at this time).


Pros:  Great for small businesses like The Pink Petticoat, SproutSocial allows me to analyze my followers by demographic.  I can schedule posts at specific times, and SproutSocial will even help me determine what times will be most effective.

Cons:  SproutSocial is not integrated (yet) with Google+, on which I am currently trying to increase my brand presence.

EdgeRank Checker: 

Pros:  This free platform lets you determine and increase you EdgeRank on Facebook, increasing visibility on this site.

Cons:  None?

Google Analytics:

Pros:  Also a free platform, Google Analytics allows you track visits, determine which social networks are sending the most traffic to your website, which pages are generating social activity, information about social plug ins, and more.

Cons:  Google Analytics does not serve as any type of posting platform, or social media hub.

Because of the classes I am in this semester, The Pink Petticoat is present on more social media sites than ever before.  By incorporating these 4 platforms to my social media campaign, I hope to continue to tweak and adjust my postings so that they best drive business to my customer, while engaging in purposeful conversation with my clients.

Which analytical platform do you this is best for a small retail business? 

How important is tracking analytics on ALL social media channels?  

Is it better to just track on the channels that The Pink Petticoat has the most engagement?


8 thoughts on “analyze this

  1. Hi Lesley.

    There are plenty of predictive analytics tools to fit the budget of small and large businesses, so personal preference may come into play. Social Mention, Tweet Deck, What The Trend, Google Alerts, Google Trends and Google Analytics are just a few to choose from.

    Social media measurement tools are important for uncovering new markets. For instance, the gained new insight on who was coming to their site and why using ForeSee data. learned that women were actually shopping the site for gifts for themselves, and capitalized on that market with apparel geared toward the female demographic.

  2. While I don’t know what would be best for a small business, I can attest that I really like Sprout Social. It provides great demographic data as well as the reach for your posts. Analytics tracking is really important to me. How do you know if your strategy is working if you aren’t looking at the data? I also feel that analytics data can help shape what you post. Why continue down a path with a certain kind of content, if it isn’t getting the engagement. Analtyics can tell you all of this.

    I would track all of The Pink Petticoat’s social platforms. Even if there isn’t a lot of engagement now, it’ll be a great tracking tool to show your growth on social over time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Stacy. I feel sort of behind since I haven’t really tracked any analytics outside of tweets and likes. Yikes. I have some catching up to do.

  3. Lesley, for your third question, I know Adam has been telling us to focus on the channels that receive the most engagement. However I agree with Stacy that just because you might have a smaller audience on one channel doesn’t mean it won’t grow. If you think there is a purpose for The Pink Petticoat to have a presence on a certain channel, then tracking that channel’s analytics is important too even if you can’t quantify it right now.

  4. Lesley,
    I think it is important to track analytics on all channels because you want to see how effective certain content is on different social media platforms. This is my first time really looking at analytics, but I think that once you find a service that works for you and your platforms then it probably gets much easier.

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