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Well, if I thought I was confused and behind when it came to analytics, I know have to face the ugly truth of my lack of knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).  If the greater purpose of social media marketing is driving customers to my webpage to increase sales, then I must cover my bases.  With the first ranked listing on Google receiving 33% more search traffic than other listings (which drop exponentially), ranking higher on Google (and other search engines – let’s just refer to them all as Google for the sake of my sanity) is of great importance.

But what can I do to increase my SEO so that The Pink Petticoat can become the next lingerie powerhouse?  I’ve broken down this week’s readings into a list of important considerations I have yet to… consider:

  1. Adding a site map:  providing Google structural information about my site can help bump my Google listing.  How do I add a site map?  No idea.  But I am working on it.
  2. Implementing geographical targeting:  by targeting searcher in the United States, I can focus in on my (likely) actual customers. (And hopefully cut back on a lot of the weird spam I get through my website).
  3. Posting good content that is updated regularly (if not daily):  since I am making my first steps into blogging (I plan on converting this WordPress blog into a fun and informative “The Pink Petticoat Blog” at the end of this semester), the type of content I post, and how often I am posting fresh content is imperative.  What do my customers want to read?  What is my voice?  These are all questions I need to answer so I can take the personal aspect of owning this store to good blogging use.
  4. Using the best keywords and phrases:  choosing the proper keywords and phrases are going to send the most traffic to my site.  Generic search words like “Tampa” and “lingerie” are easy, yet useful.  But finding a unique niche phrase with low competition proves to be more difficult.  Perhaps a play on our hashtag #getinmypantydrawer, but are people really searching for that?
  5. Styling text:  highlighting the important parts.
  6. Titling:  improving my title, and creating a title tag (meta tag) will improve my Google listing.  Example:  moving keywords closer to the front of my title.
  7. Optimizing images and videos with keywords.
  8. Sharing my posts on Google+ (the ultimate free tool).


Using Google Analytics to its fullest with provide me a lot of information I need to accomplish these tasks.

But where do I start? 

Do I need to create a store blog first?

Can I apply these techniques to an informational website that does not currently have a blog or Internet sales?


2 thoughts on “topping the list with SEO

  1. Lesley,
    I like how you broke down the lists of keys things related to SEO. I think creating a blogs would be a great way to help in increasing SEO. I know for me whenever I am shopping online I like to see blogs and what employees or brand owners have to say about the products they sell. One of the most overwhelming things for me when it comes to optimizing SEO is making sure that everything is tagged and tagged correctly, but I’m hoping it will be easier once I get the hang of it and make it part of my routine.

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