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Agent Provocateur is a multinational luxury lingerie brand and retailer, specializing in fit, quality, and fashion. 



From the Agent Provocateur website:

 “Agent Provocateur was founded by Joe Corre and Serena Rees in 1994 opening its first boutique in Soho, London. Since that time Agent Provocateur has become an iconic globally recognized brand. Breaking new ground with every collection and rightfully earning its place as a benchmark brand in the world of lingerie, it is a brand that is confident, sensual and irreverent.

Agent Provocateur’s campaigns, cinema advertising and events have all attracted extensive media coverage. In January 2009, the video ‘Proof’ starring Kylie Minogue was named the number one cinema advert of all time in a Digital Cinema Media poll.

Now encompassing Swimwear, Beauty, Hosiery, Homeware, and Accessories in addition to lingerie, Agent Provocateur continues to excite and inspire on a global scale.”

Agent Provocateur can maximize SEO by including the following keywords and phrases:

Lingerie, luxury lingerie, fine lingerie, designer lingerie, swimwear, hosiery, bedroom accessories, sexy lingerie, burlesque


Search results:

Lingerie – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

luxury lingerie – Agent provocateur was the first result

fine lingerie – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

designer lingerie – Agent provocateur was the 9th result

swimwear – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

hosiery – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

bedroom accessories – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

sexy lingerie – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.

burlesque lingerie – Agent provocateur did not show on the first 3 pages of Google search results.


Agent Provocateur included the following keywords and phrases:

Lingerie, luxury lingerie, silk stockings, suspenders, bridal garters, bridal underwear, agent provocateur, exquisite lingerie, swimwear, sunglasses, bridal wear.

These search results were particular interesting because I can apply them to my own business.  Because Agent Provocateur focuses on luxury, they are not easily found through generic searches for lingerie.  I, too, focus on luxury, but I do not want to be lost in the depths of Google search because I have left out proper keywords for SEO.  I would recommend that Agent Provocateur increase their search keywords to increase visibility. 


8 thoughts on “SEO keywords

  1. Did the search results surprise you as you were doing them? What really caught my eye was your choice of searching for “fine” lingerie (which I thought was a perfectly reasonable adjective) and returning nothing and their choice of including “exquisite” as a keyword. Now, admittedly, exquisite is a lovely word and certainly elevates the perceived quality of garment that one would be searching for, but would it be more commonly chosen as a search term than “fine” would be? Perhaps it’s a nod to the assumed vocabulary of the wealthier clientele they hope to target?

    1. Yes, I was surprised. The choice of exquisite over fine seemed… indulgent? This is also a British brand, so perhaps that is a more commonly used adjective there. I do know that in the lingerie world in America, “fine” is a very commonly used word to describe lingerie and lingerie boutiques that are not fetish/club type lingerie and novelty stores. That being said, one of the most often requested brands by my (largely American) customers is Agent Provocateur (they are an in house brand, much like Victoria’s Secret – however recently released a boutique line which we proudly now have in store). I think it would be a wise move for Agent Provocateur to include globally popular adjectives to describe their lingerie in order to increase traffic to their website and ultimately sales.

  2. I think that you uncovered something very important in your research. As you stated, Agent Provocateur is a luxury lingerie line, so naturally they would focus on those extra keywords to separate themselves from, fmaidenform bras, a generic brand of lingerie for example. If you have a specific niche, it is a better idea to focus your SEO initiatives on targeting what you best represent than trying to use a broad range of keywords to bring more people. If you don’t focus on your specific area of “expertise” that you will be bringing in people to your website who might be looking for something more basic, or in their price range, which will negatively affect your rankings on Google, as it will appear not as a match since the search did not return a positive correlation for the audience. Just like with your store, I think if you focus strongly on the market demographic that you are trying to reach as well as the products specifically you have in your store, you will see a greater ROI than if you used general keywords so as to “not get lost in the depths of Google”.

    1. That is an interesting POV – that they would intentionally leave out keywords that might bring in customers looking for a lower price point. That is something for me to consider as well, as I carry a higher (not as high as AP) price point, and customers sometimes have sticker shock. But part of me feels like the best way is to market to everyone and see who bites, if that makes sense?

  3. I’m very surprised by the results you got from these searches. For such a huge company with a very distinct market it seems strange that they would limit their keywords to so few variations. I would chalk it up to differing british terminology, however they are such a well-known company here in the States too that it seems neglectful not to utilize different variations on key terms. I’m glad that you are able to incorporate their oversight into your own SEO strategy!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Wendy. I agree with your take: it seems strange, but they also seem to be doing ok for themselves, so perhaps it plays into a greater exclusive, luxury marketing plan and we just don’t get it?

  4. I find it interesting as well that they would choose “exquisite” as a keyword, as I am not sure I know anyone who would use that particular term in searching for lingerie (or anything else for that matter). But then again, as you mentioned, Leslie, this could just be a linguistic difference between the UK and the US.
    Samantha makes a really good point about wanting to ensure that you stay within your niche to avoid a potentially negative page rating through Google. However, I think that when focusing on SEO keywords, it is important to take into account how people speak in their everyday worlds. Luxury, designer and boutique seem to me to be more common words that individuals may use alone or in conjunction with lingerie, to search for a more exquisite brand (s) of lingerie.

    1. Kristina, I too think it is best to have a wide range of SEO words to draw a large audience. I think there is a way to cover all your bases with keywords without overloading your page and getting a negative ranking.

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