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Today, January 27, I created and posted a survey regarding lingerie-buying patterns.  I used Survey Monkey to create a free, brief, ten question survey to track how often (and for whom) participants purchase lingerie.  I also made some general inquiries about how often they show at The Pink Petticoat, and how they stay connected with The Pink Petticoat.  I distributed the survey on my personal Facebook, The Pink Petticoat Facebook page, and to personal email contacts.

The survey will be open for one week, until Monday, February 3, at which point I will post and interpret my survey results in a separate blog entry.

My hope is to collect data that I will use on upcoming buying trips to effectively order styles, and quantities of merchandise.  I also asked how important it is to participants to buy items that are American made.  I have a large number of customers that specifically request American made merchandise.  While I do carry several American made brands, I also carry a significant number of French, Italian, and other European made brands (it is lingerie, after all).  My goal is to properly interpret how important American made lingerie is from a purchasing standpoint.

I specifically left the survey open to both men and women, as a large number of my customer are men.  Also, this time of year, between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, is a realistic time to survey men on lingerie purchases, as they likely recently made such purchase (or are about to do so).

I am excited and interested to see the results from the survey!  Stay tuned!

If you would like to participate, please visit the survey at:

Do you think my survey would have been more accurate if I only included women?

Do you think my survey would have been more accurate to only include previous customers?


6 thoughts on “surveys

  1. Lesley, you asked if you should have kept your survey to only women and I tend to think no. Though men will likely not be wearing the lingerie, there is certainly a good chance that they could be buying it. In fact, I wonder if questions catering specifically to men would have served you even better! For example, a question identifying what men know about purchasing lingerie before they shop for it could be helpful. I have tried to buy lingerie for my wife in the past and sometimes it’s a scary decision when thinking about size and color and what may or may not be flattering on my wife specifically. A question about sizes or colors might have helped identify HOW men shop for lingerie and might help some of your buying decisions. Maybe? HAHA I’m really not too sure. As always, good luck!

    1. Jake, I wanted to do some men focused questions, but I could only do ten questions on the free Survey Monkey. Perhaps another men specific survey will be in the future. Like you speculated, men are a huge part of my customer base, and tend to need the most input. Thank you for the feedback – and don’t worry, you are not alone in the “lost in lingerie” department! 🙂

  2. I think that you would need two types of surveys, as we learned, you have to think about what you are trying to get out of it. Creating a survey that is for women would help you understand what they are looking for when they go to purchase lingerie- fit, style, fabric. This will help with your inventory. Then, one for anyone would be about what they look for when they are buying lingerie either for themselves or as a gift. This will help with your price point and even certain items that make great gifts. I liked your survey though, I thought the questions were easily worded and to the point.

    1. I agree, Samantha. This was a great starting point for me, and I honestly had a hard time narrowing down the questions. Once I realized how many questions I wanted answers to, I thought of several survey topics as well. I may really jump on the survey bandwagon, which says a lot considering how much I hate taking them!

  3. Lesley,
    I hope your survey returns some useful feedback for your buying trips! What great information to have on hand when you’re shopping for the upcoming season, right? As far as whether or not to include only previous customers vs anyone or men/women/both in your survey, Qualtrix offered a feature that allowed respondents to skip over questions that did not apply to them, depending on how they answered certain previous ones, and sent them to other questions that did. I’m sure SurveyMonkey has the same thing, or something quite similar. One the one hand, it would probably take a while to hammer out a really informative survey (for you, feedback wise) that that did include everyone, but once you got it in place and dialed in you may get more info than you can handle!

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