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Following up on my previous blog post, my survey asked a series of questions about the frequency of lingerie and swimwear purchases, the factors influencing purchase, and the role of my boutique, The Pink Petticoat, in those purchase.

The following data was collected from the 55 surveys taken in a one-week period of time.


Gender breakdown:

11 men (20%)

44 women (80%)


Age breakdown:

10 participants between 18-24 years old (18.52%)

32 participants between 25-34 years old (59.26%)

5 participants between 35-44 years old (9.26%)

4 participants between 45-54 years old (7.41%)

3 participants between 55-64 years old (5.56%)

0 participants 64+ years old (0%)


Frequency of (all) lingerie purchases per year:

17 participants purchase lingerie 1-2x per year (31.48%)

18 participants purchase lingerie 3-5x year (33.33%)

14 participants purchase lingerie more than 5x per year (25.93%)

5 participants do not purchase lingerie (9.26%)


Frequency of (all) women’s swimwear purchases per year:

35 participants purchase swimwear 1-2x per year (64.81%)

8 participants purchase swimwear 3-5x year (14.81%)

1 participants purchase swimwear more than 5x per year (1.85%)

10 participants do not purchase swimwear (18.52%)


Importance of buying items made in the USA:

20 participants chose “True” (37.04%)

34 participants chose “False (62.96%)


Intent of buying lingerie:

38 participants primarily purchase for themselves (69.09%)

6 participants primarily purchase lingerie as a gift for someone else (10.91%)

5 participants purchase lingerie equally for themselves, and as gifts. (9.09%)

6 participants do not purchase lingerie (10.91%)


Most important factor when buying lingerie or swimwear:

4 participants chose quality of fabrication (7.41%)

41 participants chose fit (75.93%)

5 participants chose price (9.26%)

4 participants do not purchase lingerie or swimwear (7.41%)


Shopping at The Pink Petticoat:

25 participants have shopped at The Pink Petticoat (45.45%)

30 participants have not shopped at The Pink Petticoat (54.55%)


Frequency of shopping at The Pink Petticoat:

8 participants have shopped at The Pink Petticoat 1-2x (14.55%)

11 participants have shopped at The Pink Petticoat 3-5x (20%)

7 participants have shopped at The Pink Petticoat more than 5x (12.73%)

29 participants have not shopped at The Pink Petticoat (52.73%)


Preference of staying up to date with The Pink Petticoat:

3 participants prefer to stop by the store (5.66%)

35 participants prefer to use social media (66.04%)

3 participants prefer to be on an email listerv (5.66%)

12 participants prefer not to stay up to date with The Pink Petticoat (22.64%)


This survey helped me identify some key areas to focus on in upcoming buying trips.  I do have to take into account that I asked many of my classmates, from all over the country, to take my survey.  This will account for a number of responses from people who have never shopped in my store, and/or do not shop for lingerie at all.   For a future survey, I will begin with a question asking if the participant shops for lingerie at The Pink Petticoat – and move forward from there with only those who answer yes. 

With the majority of participants purchasing lingerie between 1-5x a year, I can assume that these are special occasion purchases, with likely one purchase a year focused on basics.  Customers making fewer purchases a year are likely to spend more money on that single purchase, allowing me to focus on a bridge price point. 

It is also noteworthy that participants buy lingerie significantly more frequently than lingerie, which can help me adjust the ratio of swim to lingerie in my store.  (Note, again, this factors in a lot of responses from all over the country.  I would suspect that if I narrowed my participant pool down to Floridians only, I would see an increase in swimwear purchases per year). 

Because participants are largely buying lingerie for themselves, it is also important to note that fit is more important than price.  Can I get away with a higher price point if the fit is impeccable?

I see a lot of customers who are interested in buying products made in the USA.  Based on this survey, this is not something of great importance with 60% of participants saying that it did not matter to them.  Perhaps sticking with French lingerie is the better play, both for name recognition and expertise?

I am happy with the results to my survey, but I wish I had chosen more specific questions pertaining to a certain area.  My results, and questions are really broad, and I think I would benefit more from a more focused survey.


6 thoughts on “survey results

  1. Lesley,
    I’m seeing a recurring sign in all of our survey evaluations that the results must all be analyzed with a wide variety of factors in mind. As you said, some of your respondents had never been to your store, or were outside the state – both of which were crucial to their answers. I can give you a little bit of feedback to your question regarding price point vs fit. I think that the people purchasing your items are already expecting a better quality product, and that naturally feeds into expecting a correspondingly higher price. Now, the fit – the elusive, perfect, impeccable fit. How much more is that worth to your customer? If they feel like a million bucks in something, they may be willing to pay accordingly.

    1. That is a great way to look at the need for impeccable fit. Thank you! I too feel that people are expecting a certain price point, and that quality level is assumed with the price.

  2. Glad to see you got a decent amount of male responses, Lesley! I hadn’t thought of how much people being out of state really can affect your survey and now that you mention it, I certainly see what you mean. Especially in regards to the swimwear question (I mean, its practically beach weather in Florida right now!). In my office, we are considering implementing some kind of feedback system for students to evaluate us at the end of their advising appointments. I wonder if survey technology could best be used for you at the store specifically? Like what if you had a laptop or something next to the register that people can complete while their purchase is being “wrapped up” (if you do something like that). That would give you great insight on local people. You could even walk around the area and ask people to quickly do your survey. Maybe? Just some thoughts.

    1. I actually love this idea, Jake! We do some private, in store parties, and I think a survey at the end of the party would be great feedback about the personal shopping experience that we could factor into day to day sales and customers. THANKS!

  3. Lesley, Your survey actually did provide you some important feedback. Think about how you can use the power of social media and email marketing to drive online purchases. Maybe it isn’t about capturing those in store, but those who find value in purchasing their lingerie from a boutique store online. How can you tie everything in? I just signed up my pizza place for belly card- it is a rewards program that a lot of local shops, restaurants and stores use to offer a points rewards for their customers. If they like us on facebook or write a review they get extra points too. Maybe you could look into something like this?

    1. I agree, the information about how to reach my audience via social media is great! I love your idea about a rewards program. Maybe a panty punch card or something like that?

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