Pure Barre app 4 life.

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FINALLY!  My work out addiction, Pure Barre, recently released an app available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.


Pure Barre is a workout franchise that combines ballet and Pilates to target women’s tough to train areas (arms, thighs, seat, abs) through low impact, isometric movements.  It seems gentle, but it is tough!  As a former dancer, this is the best work out that I found to still train my body in the same way as regular dance classes. 

Previously, Pure Barre devotees used the main Pure Barre website to choose their home studio and then purchase, book, or cancel classes.  It wasn’t necessarily difficult before, but it just got a whole lot easier.


The Pure Barre app saves your home location and provides a schedule of all available classes.  You can book, cancel, and purchase more all through the app.  You are also able to see who is teaching each class. 

While it does not offer any coupons, reviews, or global positioning, it does feature a “What’s Hot” tab.  This tab allows you to see current deals and happening at your home studio, from sales on apparel, to discounts on class packages. 


I am not sure how useful this app is to anyone who doesn’t take daily (or regular) Pure Barre classes, but I find it incredibly useful.  Especially at 5AM on mornings when I decide I would rather sleep 2 extra hours than hit the Barre at 6:30AM!








6 thoughts on “Pure Barre app 4 life.

  1. Hi Lesley,
    After reading your post I took the time to download the app, since I may consider taking classes. Wow! Talk about an easy to use app! I think it is great that it shows you everything and that it shows a schedule daily. That makes things so convenient! It also sounds like a great workout. I miss dance classes, they don’t really make them for adults like they do for kids unless I want to go into Manhattan. This seems like such a great alternative. Great post and thanks for teaching me about a new company!

  2. Amanda, I hope you do try it – you will love it! The workout is killer and it is a great community of women supporting women to reach their fitness goals, and goals outside of the studio. I highly recommend it!

  3. Lesley-
    I’ve heard nothing but great things about Pure Barre from friends and I’m glad to see that they have an app now! I think that when it comes to something like workout classes there can be more value in ease of use than discounts and you proved it. Anything that makes it easier for someone to complete the already dreaded task of working out is a great thing. Do you think that with this App’s features it will increase the amount you go to Pure Barre classes?

    1. I definitely think it will increase my attendance. There are times when I realize I have time to squeeze a quick workout in and I can literally book a class in the car on the way to the studio. It is very convenient.

  4. Lesley, I agree…Barre workouts are definitely one of my favorite workouts! I love how the app makes booking a class easier than using their website or mobile website. I find that to be the most frustrating part when I try to book a class at my studio. I think its also great that they offer specials and announcements via the app. Simplicity at its finest which will probably lead to more people attending their classes.

    1. I also travel frequently for work, so the app is a huge advantage in booking workouts in areas away from home. It provides directions, contact information, etc – which is great because not all studios operate in the same manner. I am in NYC this weekend, and LA in 2 weeks, so I will be definitely testing it out on the go.

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