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Well, it was hard to complete this week’s assignment to “Google myself” without sharing a secret about myself:

I was a contestant on Season 12 of ABC’s The Bachelor.

I share this with you now because when you Google “Lesley Geyer” aside from my Linkedin profile and my BlogSpot (from last semester), the majority of the links are to interviews and information regarding my time trying to win a rose.  (Long story short, there was a perceived “scandal” regarding my time on the show, so there was a lot of chatter on several fan message boards specifically about me).

I wish I found more results about my business and other things about my life that are much more meaningful to me than a few weeks on a TV show (7 years ago), but I suppose my fifteen minutes of fame lasted a little longer – at least, according to Google.

THANKFULLY, I was able to redeem myself by doing a Google search on my personal email and business email addresses.  Searching my personal email address showed results about local blog features, a significant amount of links regarding The Pink Petticoat, and surprisingly, a few links about a different Lesley Geyer (an occupational therapist who specialized in Tourette’s syndrome.  She is apparently very accomplished.  Cool, huh?).  Also showing up, again, was my personal Google+ page.  This reinforced the greatness of Google+ bumping you in search results. 

When I entered my business email for search, I (thankfully) only received links to my webpage, my business Google+ listing, and various articles and press regarding The Pink Petticoat. 

I do the majority of my social media-ing under “The Pink Petticoat” (Twitter, Instagram, Google+).  While I do have a personal Facebook and Google+ page, they are not the primary accounts that I use, and I post very little.  I think this attributes to the lack of/varied search results when I search my own name and email address; as well as more consistent results when I search for The Pink Petticoat or my business email address.

How important is it to build a presence for myself outside of The Pink Petticoat?

Were you surprised by anything that came up when you “Googled” yourself?

And also, is there any way to… um… get rid of something that comes up when you Google yourself?  Like an appearance on a reality TV show many years ago?  Asking for a friend. 🙂


8 thoughts on “(don’t) Google me

  1. Hi Lesley! You did a great job on your assignment. I am very happy that you were able to find more results about your business once you searched for your email address. Maybe that’s what you need to target your keywords to achieve the Google results you want. I just posted on my blog a video that I found on how to boost and improve our online reputation both personal and for companies. I thought it gave good tips, so I will be implementing some of those myself. To answer your question about what interesting things I found on my Google search of my own, I found a little bit of everything from pizzerias with my last name to researchers stylist and architects that share my last name to cookies to shoes (Prada shoes) :s

    1. Great video, Juan! Thanks for sharing. Honestly, because I am a private person by nature, I want very little about me personally to come up on Google searches. I do, however, want my business to come up constantly. I have listed my name as keywords for SEO, but I don’t think people actually Google me… ever. I would not mind coming up in the company of Prada shoes though! 🙂

  2. Lesley,

    Your post made me laugh. But I think that now you can relate a little to the lessons we learned in the lecture about reputation management. I’m sure you can think of a bunch of ways that you could have saved or defended yourself from all the comments you were receiving. I unfortunately didn’t have much luck googling myself. I keep kind of low, and that shows…HA! I didn’t think about googling myself using my email, but I just did now that you brought it to my attention. The one thing that comes up is a free website I created for a project back in undergrad in 2010 (I think).

    1. I agree, reputation management is key, and things that are out there online really are out there forever! In my personal life, I try to keep a low profile as well, particularly online. However, this programs course work is really increasing my visibility online. I would like to parlay that all into business visibility, but I am struggling with the private person and the public brand.

  3. Who knew we had a celebrity in our midst? 😉 Seriously, though, that’s a pretty fun little factoid about you! You pose a good question with the personal vs professional online presence. The importance of a personal online presence can only be determined by you. From the outside looking in, I’d say focus on the PP presence first and foremost, as that will help prevent you feeling too overloaded or obligated to make both personal and PP posts. Also, and this is merely my opinion, if you do expand your personal presence on Facebook, etc., be sure to keep it separate from the PP. In other words, don’t send out PP announcements from your personal account, or worse, both. Many people I know (myself included) have blocked Facebook friends just to escape the repetitive bombardment of marketing messages from folks who operate both. I already “like” your business page, so I expect it from that source. But don’t hit me up again from your personal account.

    1. Haha, celebrity is a very generous word! I like what you said about not duplicating posts on my personal and professional pages. I sometimes share things on both that I find particularly interesting or am proud of, but I try not to do a lot of cross over. But I do think you are right, it can become overwhelming for sure.

  4. Lesley-
    That is so wild about The Bachelor! When it comes to personal vs. professional accounts I think it depends on what you’re goals are. If it’s to become an expert in your field I think it’s important to beef up your personal profiles a bit but if it’s just boosting the Pink Petticoat and getting that name out there then I don’t think that a personal profile is particularly important. I manage many companies Google+ and LinkedIn pages and we typically post on both their personal page and business page- but they want to be known as ‘real estate experts’ etc. I think that being more active on your other social media platforms might flood out some of The Bachelor stuff that shows up so that is a possible benefit!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I definitely want to build up The PP’s presence, and am less concerned about my own. I do need to beef up my Linkedin though, and have been trying to be more active on that as well. Thanks!

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