Human Voice


An authentic, human voice on social media is important. I particularly prefer to engage on social media with brands who feel like a friend, or at least a real person (as opposed to canned Public Relations responses). I think this is the real value in what we are studying, and companies who embrace the need for a position or employee or team designated to social media will ultimately have the upper hand. Not only does it provide an efficient way to quickly respond to feedback, it also allows their “voice” to become human and relatable.

KLM’s guarantee of feedback within the hour is awesome, but unrealistic for companies that can’t employ a 24-hour team to deal with such issues. I applaud them for their devotion, but I do still feel like their responses are largely canned, simply directing their followers to the website to file complaints. People largely take to social media for instant gratification and feedback. I know I would have to be supremely dissatisfied to take the time or make the effort to file a complaint online.

At The Pink Petticoat, I manage all the social media. Therefore, the voice is very human: it’s my own. I try to talk to customers on social media just as I do in the store – like they are my best girlfriends. I ask if they are celebrating a special occasion, going on a romantic getaway, in a new relationship, etc. While I keep the conversation a little less intimate online, I do make efforts to keep it somewhat personal. I do my fair share of selling, too, but I think that is part of the game when you are dealing with retail. It’s impossible for me to share merchandise without some aspect of selling. But I like to think of it more as selling a lifestyle, or experience, or idea (of romance, love, sex, etc.).



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