fueling the fire: week 3

by lesleygeyer

Inspire.  Connect.  Achieve.

How else can we energize our social media audience?  With the helpful (and much needed) reminder that a strong social media presence is not built over night, Pam Moore gives us 50 tips on investing in our audience, our content, and our relationships.  I love the idea of providing “healthy tips”.  With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month right around the corner in October, this is the perfect opportunity to relay information about self examination, mammograms, and statistics on breast cancer in general, through curating and linking.  This is also an opportunity to share relatable stories.  Many of my customers are breast cancer survivors.  Reaching out to them to share stories or act as guest bloggers would increase awareness to such a large issue.

Often there is so much information to present, that it is difficult to keep posts to the highest level of effectiveness (which is not always the most posts).  Keeping content to what I know, industry resources, and topics people care about is key to keeping the attention of my readers.  Best of Intima magazine is a go to source for me, keeping my readers up to date on trends, styles, and movement with in the lingerie industry.  I have an overwhelming amount of customers looking for items that are American made.  Using their website and social media accounts to share information about production, brand buy outs, and fabrication is now the industry standard.  It is also a bonus to me, because I can share that information with my customers in one click.

If my content is the fire, and social media is the gasoline, then what can I do to add fuel to the fire?  I like the idea of social media being the starting line, not the end game.  Really, the opportunity to connect with customers, and potential customers is endless if I tap into the best social media outlets for my business.  But what is my gasoline?

Here are some questions I would appreciate feedback on:

If I am primarily using social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to show my customers pictures of new products, store happenings, and up coming events, how can I add “fuel” to those already burning fires?

How can I further market my marketing efforts?

If the Social Media Landscape/Conversation Prism shows that social media is not a fad, yet recently removed DIY + Custom Social Networks, does that mean Pinterest is already on the way out?